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A stress-strain model for the undrained response of oil sand Cheung, Ka Fai Henry


An efficient undrained model for the deformations analysis of oil sand masses upon undrained loading is presented in this thesis. An analysis which couples the soil skeleton and pore fluids is used. The soil skeleton is modeled as a non-linear elastic-plastic isotropic material. In undrained conditions, the constitutive relationships for the pore fluids are formulated based on the ideal gas laws. The coupling between the soil skeleton and the pore fluids is based upon volume compatibility. The undrained model was verified with the experimental results and one dimensional expansion of soil sand cores. Comparisons between computed and measured responses are in good agreement and suggest that this model may prove useful as a tool in evaluating undrained response of oil sand. The response of a wellbore in oil sand upon unloading was analyzed using the developed model. Such analysis are important in the rational design of oil recovery systems in oil sand.

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