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Reliability of slender reinforced concrete columns Bhola, Rajendra Kumar


The effects of the variability in strength and loading on the reliability of slender, reinforced concrete columns are investigated using the Monte Carlo simulation technique. The columns are considered to be axially loaded with equal end eccentricities and no lateral load. Variabilities in strength, axial load and eccentricity of axial loads are considered. A new procedure called the Implicit Uncorrelation Procedure has been developed to find the values of the failure function from the values of the basic variables named above. The allowable axial load at various eccentricity levels corresponding to a probability of failure of one in one hundred thousand has been found for three different cross sections. Seven different slenderness ratios are considered for each cross section. The results are compared with those obtained by following the code procedures outlined in CAN3-A23.3-M77 and CSA-A23.3 (1984). A change in the performance factor for moment magnification, ⌀m , (as given in CSA-A23.3 (1984)) is recommended in order to obtain a more accurate and consistent level of reliability in the design of slender reinforced concrete columns.

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