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Transformation of waves around artificial islands Talukdar, Kushal K.


A numerical method based upon the finite element technique is described to determine the transformed wave field around artificial islands for regular unidirectional waves. The present work takes into account various aspects of wave transformation, including wave refraction, reflection, diffraction, shoaling and wave breaking, in a computer model which finally predicts the transformed wave heights and elevations at different locations. A modified version of the original two-dimensional mild slope equation, to include the energy dissipation from wave breaking has been used for this purpose along with criteria for the onset and cessation of wave breaking. Results are presented first for the cases where analytical solutions are available in order to check for accuracy and convergence of the present computer model. Since no previous results are available for the proper island geometries, the computer predictions are compared with measurements of the wave field around a model island in a laboratory' basin. In particular, the wave heights at specified points and the runup around the island are compared. The study indicates the need for including wave breaking in such an analysis and also suggests possible ways to calibrate certain features of the computer model for a better numerical prediction.

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