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Prediction of P-Y curves from finite element analyses She, Jairus Lai Yan


The prediction of P-Y curves for undrained clay and sand based on the results of finite element analyses is presented in this thesis. A higher-ordered finite element program was used in the analyses. The ability of the program to accurately model the undrained soil condition was verified by comparing predicted load-deflection responses with closed form solutions for the cylindrical cavity expansion problem. Pressuremeter curves were predicted from plane strain axisymmetric finite element analyses. The effect of pressuremeter size on the predicted results was examined. P-Y curves were predicted for plane strain and plane stress conditions. Values for the initial slope and Pun- of the curves were obtained. The curves were normalized for comparison, and simplified methods presented for determining P-Y curves. Finite element predictions for the pressuremeter and laterally loaded pile problems were also compared. Factors were determined from these comparisons to generate P-Y curves from pressuremeter curves.

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