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Nonlinear finite element analysis of multilayered beam-columns Chandra, Rajesh


A finite element model has been developed in this thesis for predicting strength and stiffness behavior of multilayered beam-columns. The analysis incorporates material and geometric nonlinearities in order to determine the ultimate load carrying capacity. The finite element model takes into account the continuous variability of material properties along the length of layers so that multilayered wood beam-columns can be analyzed. Transverse as well as lateral bending in combination with axial tension or compression can be considered along with different layer configurations, various support and loading conditions. A computer program has been developed based on this formulation. Cubic beam elements have been used. Numerical integration of the virtual work equations has been carried out using Gauss quadrature. The resulting set of nonlinear equations is solved by using the Newton-Raphson scheme. Numerical investigations have been carried out to verify the results and test the capabilities of the program.

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