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Finite strip analysis of sandwich panels Das, Dhananjoy Kumar


A finite strip analysis of sandwich wood panels is presented. The panels consist of upper and lower plates stiffened by beams (joists) in one direction only. The analysis considers a Fourier series expansion in the stiffeners' direction and a polynomial finite element approximation in the direction normal to the stiffeners. The number of degrees of freedom is 34, which includes also the lateral and torsional deformation of the joists. This permits consideration of the effect of joist bridging on the maximum deflection and bending stresses. A maximum of 20 joists per panel can be analysed. The modulus of elasticity(E) of the joists may be selected randomly from a distribution, and controlled to be within a given range. The upper and lower plates may possess orthotropic properties. Nails connect the plates to the joists. Nailing may be considered either as a continuous or as discrete connectors. The loading may be in the form of an uniformly distributed load spread over the entire panel or over a maximum of 20 smaller (concentrated) areas of the top plate. Numerical investigations have been carried out to verify the program. Parametric studies have been done to understand the behavior of the model. Lastly, the formula for shear lag given by CSA Standard CAN3-086.1-M84 is checked against the shear lag obtained from the current computer program.

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