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Mössbauer and adsorption study of Fe⁵⁷ in Linde L zeolite Lassau, Raymond Troy


A single Fe³⁺ species has been introduced into Linde L zeolite and is identified as an iron oxyhydroxide from its Mössbauer relaxation properties. The effects of N₂, CO₂ and C₂H₆ on the ferric species and on the bulk behaviour of the sample are observed by Mössbauer Spectroscopy and adsorption studies under outgassing conditions. The ferric oxyhydroxide initially blocks the pores to gas adsorption but reducing it to Fe⁰ at 943⁰ K and reoxidizing it to α-Fe₂0₃ in air at 773⁰ K frees the pores. The bulk α-Fe₂0₃ is concluded to lie on the external zeolite surface.

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