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Children’s problem finding and creative responses in and between reading and art Barber, Lois J.


In order to investigate what comes before a creative solution to a problem, and to examine the significance of the problem formulation component of creative activity, twenty-nine Grade 3 subjects were observed in typical school art and reading situations. The subjects were presented with a selection of objects to investigate and draw, and a selection of books to investigate and read. A variety of measures were used to determine each subject's scores in both problem finding— reflecting their investigative behavior—and problem solving— assessing the originality and craftsmanship of their products. In the art situation a significant positive correlation of r=.38 was found between the total problem formulation of physical investigation and the originality of the student's drawings In the reading situation, there was a significant positive correlation between making predictions about the material surveyed and creative reading responses; but not between physical investigation and creative responses. Between the art and reading situations, problem finding in art correlated significantly with several measures of creative responses in reading. This study in part affirms the theoretical and empirical importance of the problem formulation component of creative production, and suggests the inclusion of problem formulation activities in art and reading classroom situations in which educational goals include the encouragement of students' creative responses.

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