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A conception of global home economics education Smith, Mary Gale


Living in an increasingly complex and interdependent world has prompted many educators to call for infusing or integrating a global perspective across the curriculum. Such action, to be ethically defensible, demands conceptual clarity and the exposure of theoretical underpinnings and basic values. Integrating a global perspective and home economics education is investigated through conceptual analysis and conception construction. The purpose of this study is to develop and defend a conception of global home economics education by exploring the following research questions: Is a global perspective implicit in the mission of home economics? Is global education implicit in home economics education? What are the places of citizenship education, education for cross-cultural understanding, consumer education, and environmental education in home economics education? What is global home economics education? And what justification or rationale can be offered for global home economics education? Findings indicate that a constructivist global perspective (Coombs, 1988a) is implicit in the mission of home economics (Brown & Paolucci, 1979), that a constructivist global education is implicit in the conception of home economics education developed by Brown (1980), and that the various educations can offer complementary approaches to global problems. A conception of global home economics education is proposed that is an expansion of existing work (Brown, 1980), and advocates the systematic integration of global education and home economics education, confirms the practical problem orientation recommended by Brown, and adopts the strategy of practical reasoning. Implications for curriculum development, teachers, teacher education, and schools are briefly explored with suggestions for further research.

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