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The role of a new textbook in the teaching and learning of algebra 9 for English as second langage students Tello, Esther


The purpose of this study is to explore the role a new textbook plays in facilitating the teaching and learning of Algebra 9 for English as a Second Language students. The research constitutes a case study based on fifteen ESL students in a mathematics grade 9 class. Data was collected using a qualitative research methodology. Relevant class events and student interview outcomes that contributed to answering the research questions constituted the core of the raw data. Data included a demographic questionnaire, pre and post-tests, a teacher professional journal, and post-lesson interviews with students. The information obtained was analyzed and synthesized through the constant comparative method. The patterns that emerged from the analysis allowed me to categorize them into three fundamental areas of significance: adaptations that aimed to increase text reading comprehension, adaptations that aimed to increase the understanding of algebraic processes, and assignment of textbook exercises that promoted accurate algebraic procedural skills. These three main categories illustrate the way the textbook was used and modified by ine in the classroom. The results revealed that the textbook facilitated more the development of algebraic procedural skills than the conceptual understanding and mathematical language acquisition. This research has implications for mathematics instructors in adapting textbook algebraic activities for ESL students. In addition, this study offers educators suggestions for assessing and adapting algebraic textbook activities to maximize the teaching of Mathematics 9 for all students. Moreover, the results of this study suggest editors activities to enhance the quality of a textbook to facilitate the learning outcomes expected from ESL students who read and study their textbooks. The results of this case study warrant further research into the comprehensive approach that textbooks take in consideration of ESL students.

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