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Images, within and without : a personal search for imagery with implications for teaching art Shaw, Sandra Jane


This thesis presents the account of one student-teacher-artist's odyssey through the discovery and evolution of a personal imagery. As the participant-observer in this quest, I have selected material arising from memories, thoughts, ideas, sketches and dialogues that relate to the history and processes of my image making. A body of visual work is presented which demonstrates the development of specific symbols and compositional tendencies. The thesis attempts to provide answers to three questions: How has my development as an artist influenced my role as an art teacher? What implications may be drawn for the art teacher? What strategies may be helpful to the art student and to the artist? The processes occurring during the act of drawing and painting the works presented in this thesis are described. Insights related to image-making are shared. This information may be of assistance to the others in their pursuit of a personal imagery and may provide understanding and knowledge useful in guiding students along this same path.

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