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A survey of the teaching of reasoned criticism in British Columbia secondary schools Frost, Marcia Brenda Davis


The purpose of this study was to determine whether British Columbia teachers were achieving the goal of teaching an integrated art program. The component of the curriculum which is specifically studied is reasoned criticism, traditionally a neglected component in art education. Through a survey of art teachers in selected B.C. high schools, information was gathered to assess the impact of the new B.C. Secondary. Art Curriculum grade 8-12 upon teaching practice in criticism. The results of the study show that the new curriculum has had little impact on the teaching of reasoned criticism. The results indicate that art production remains the focus of- art programs while reasoned criticism occurs most frequently as a process of informal discussion between the student and teacher while attention is focused on the student's work. A summary of the findings is provided and implications of the study for classroom practice are discussed.

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