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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Creative Parenting Program Paddack, Gael M.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of the Creative Parenting Program on the parent participants in the program. The investigation was conducted using a scientific research approach with standardized instruments designed to measure change or lack of change in the parents' perceptions of their approaches to child-rearing. A critical review of the related literature showed no evaluation of parent education programs such as the Creative Parenting Program, based theoretically in the psychology of human development using a lecture style format. The parent education programs evaluated were primarily skill training programs. As each study used different instruments to measure different effects and also different populations, it was not possible to accurately assess the overall effectiveness of the programs. The literature suggested that more research is required to establish significant statistical evidence that the programs change the parental attitudes toward the parent-child relationship. It was hypothesized (null form) that there would be no statistically significant difference between the experimental groups and the control groups of the parents' perceptions in: (1) acceptance of their children; (2) family cohesion and family adaptability; (3) use of authority with their children and (4) family disharmony. The post test score means among groups showed statistically significant changes toward a higher level of acceptance of their children and a decrease in parental use of their authority. On the family interactional dimensions of family cohesion and family adaptability no significant changes were shown. With the dimension of family disharmony no significant changes were shown on the post test score means among groups. The results of the study suggest that the Creative Parenting program is effective in promoting change in the parental attitudes of acceptance of children and reduced use of authority, two factors thought to be basic to effective parenting. It is felt that the principles and concepts presented in the Creative Parenting Program offer a significant contribution to the field of parent education.

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