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Corals from the Rundle formation (Mississippian) of Banff, Alberta Frebold, Fridtjof Albert


This thesis contains descriptions and illustrations of six genera and seven species of fossil corals collected by the writer on Mount Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta. A brief discussion of the fossil locality and stratigraphy of the Rundle formation in that area is given. As a result of statistical research and graphic representation, a new species Faberophyllum multiseptatum is described. The new species is closely related to F. languidum, F. leathamense, F. pisgahense, and F. araneosum. The species Ekvasophyllnm banffense is proposed, and the species Lophyphyllum ? cascadense Warren is redescribed and referred to the genus Ekvasophyllum. The genera Triplophyllites and Cyathoclisia, which previously have not been described from Canada, are recognized and briefly discussed. The descriptions of Lithostrotion whitneyi and Lithostrotionella banffensis are revised and adequately illustrated. From the study of corals from the upper Rundle formation the writer concludes that these may be important horizon markers, and recommendations are made for more extensive and detailed work on this subject.

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