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Electric and magnetic fields associated with a vertical fault. Coode, Alan Melvill


Interest In the vertical fault problem for electromagnetic fields has been recently revived by the papers of I. d'Erceville and G. Kunetz (1962) and D. Rankin (1962). In the derivation of his equations Rankin used d'Erceville1s theory which contains some fallacious assumptions. These have been pointed out by J.T. Weaver (1962) and also in this thesis. This thesis follows the lines of mathematical attack first employed by d'Erceville and Kunetz, and later developed by Weaver, in applying the theory of integral transforms to the partial differential equations satisfied by land and sea conductors. The problem of both a vertical fault and also a sloping fault, i.e. 0 < α < 90° where α is the angle of dip of the fault are considered. The results in the general case are Inconclusive, no solution has been found and no solution is suggested. The case of α = 90° has proved to be equally indeterminate, but a solution has been suggested, which, although it has not been proved rigourously, does not appear to violate any physical principles and also seems to represent the field equations on the surface of the land and the sea.

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