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Geology of the Ajax-Monte Carlo property Armstrong, William Paul


The Ajax-Monte Carlo property is a small porphyry copper deposit located approximately six miles south of Kamloops, British Columbia on the south flank of the Iron Mask Batholith. The Batholith and successor intrusives were emplaced in a northwest-trending structural element named the Carabine Creek Lineament. Early phases of the batholith were basic and coarse-grained and form the core of the complex. Later phases, of intermediate to acidic composition, were emplaced along the structurally weak margins of the core. Three stages of fracturing were recognized at the property. The earliest brecciated the coarse-grained phases prior to the emplacement of the fine-grained intrusions. The second stage of fracturing was synchronous with the alteration; the final stage created the stockwork in which the mineralization was concentrated. The propylitic alteration facies developed at the property is typical of porphyry copper deposits except that only minor quantities of quartz are present. The potassic facies is distinctly different in that it lacks abundant red orthoclase and biotite. Pyrite and chalcopyrite are the most abundant sulfides; and bornite is occasionally observed. Magnetite is a common accessory in the basic intrusives.

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