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The application of interactive graphics and pattern recognition to the reduction of map outlines Clement, Andrew


Techniques from interactive graphics and pattern recognition are applied to the problem of reducing map outlines. Since the resulting generalized outlines are intended for use in interactive graphics systems their data content should be considerably less than that of the original lines. Also it is useful to have several levels of generalization for the same line and an extension of the X-Y coordinate encoding scheme is introduced to represent such hierarchically reduced lines. Experiments are conducted that suggest that people look at outlines in different ways. To accomodate these differences in taste and purpose the system is designed to adapt to the individual user's preferences. This is done by having the user reduce several outlines by hand. The system analyzes patterns in these lines and so learns to mimic the user's behaviour. Once enough has been learned the system is given new lines to generalize on its own. Experiments are performed to measure the learning ability and the generalization performance. Other experiments are performed to show the potential feasibility of this approach. There is a review of work done in related fields.

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