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Teaching Prolog using intelligent computer-assisted instruction and a graphical trace Fogel, Earl


Two methods for improving the quality of Computer Assisted Instruction are examined. They are: using Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction techniques to make the CAI system more flexible, and using graphics to increase the efficacy of teaching. Two computer systems for teaching the Logic Programming language Prolog were developed. The first is an ICAI system which uses the prerequisite relationships of the course material to plan a course of study. It distinguishes between methods of instruction and topics of instruction, giving students a great deal of freedom in choosing either one. The second is an animated trace which graphically illustrates the execution of Prolog programs. Information is displayed in three windows — one for Prolog goals, one for the database, and one for output from the program being traced. Results indicate that ICAI and graphics can both be used effectively in the teaching of programming languages, particularly in combination.

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