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Analytic models for carrier sense multiple access networks Kumar, Arun


A computer network using non-persistent and 1-persistent Carrier Sense Multiple Access protocols is considered. The terminals in this network are connected to a common bus. Previous analytic models for such networks have assumed the electrical distance between terminals to be constant and equal to the maximum length of the cable. This gives a lower bound for system throughput. We propose a more accurate model for an uncontrolled CSMA network with infinite users. Our model does not assume identical propagation delay between all terminals. Instead, it considers the distribution of the terminals along the cable to be uniform. Simulation results show that this model is more accurate than previous models, especially when the propagation delay and the offered traffic are high. Another uncontrolled, infinite user CSMA model is also described. This model gives fairly accurate results for networks with small end to end propagation delay and is simpler to formulate than existing models of comparable accuracy.

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