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An event-based robot control architecture Yu, Jie


The robot control system is a subsystem of a robot designed to regulate its behaviours to meet certain requirements. For a mobile robot performing in a real-world environment, its control system must have the capability to be both deliberative and reactive. In addition to this fundamental requirement, robustness, timely response and: coordination among multiple goals are also desirable for a mobile robot control system. This thesis addresses these requirements in building a mobile robot control system and proposes an Event-based Robot Control Architecture (ERA). . .v The unpredictable nature of the real-world environment leads to the development of our Event-based Robot Control Architecture. All communications inside the control: architecture are done in the form of events. Our focus for the mobile robot control architecture is on using an exception mechanism for error recovery. Exceptions are one kind of events. We present a general design and a system prototype for an Event-based Robot Control Architecture. The implementation was used to conduct experiments ,and identify the benefits and limitations of the proposed paradigm. It was found that a mobile robot using this Event-based Robot Control Architecture meets the previously established requirements.

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