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Point-based level sets and progress towards unorganised particle based fluids Corbett, Richard D.


We combine the advantages of level sets, particle level sets, and point-set surfaces in a simple new framework, where we store signed distance values on a volume of scattered points. This permits easy and effective surface operations of appropriate quality for graphics and animation. We present techniques such as accurate deformation by advection, constructive solid geometry, mean curvature flow and more general surface flows as well as a strategy to convert triangulated meshes to this point representation. Finally, it is shown that by harnessing the information generated during implicit surface evolution, ray-traced renderings are close at hand. An investigation into employing the point-based level set techniques for fluid animation is presented. Here, strategies for a particle based Poisson solves and potential boundary conditions are discussed. Although some positive results are achieved, more research is required to correctly handle the necessary boundary conditions and discontinuities for fluid animation.

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