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Implementations of user mobility support for UPC in JAVA/CORBA environment Huynh, Thong Tri


This thesis addresses the specification and implementation of the Universal Personal Computing (UPC) environment, developed at UBC for support of user mobility. In the UPC computing environment, each user has a unique global identification with which the user can access network services, computing resources, personal applications, data files, and environmental configuration through any terminal, stationary or mobile, wired or wireless networking, anywhere on the Internet. In this thesis, we produced the specification of the UPC' s Registration and Service Negotiation Protocol (RSNP) using the Specification and Description Language (SDL) and simulated the RSNP using a SDL supported tool. As an initial attempt to verify the concept, we implemented the UPC protocol and a graphical user interface using C and Tcl/Tk as the programming language. CORBA and Java offers an alternative approach in modelling the UPC concept that is flexible and portable to any computing platform. A UPC prototype is implemented using CORBA as the architecture framework and Java as the programming language.

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