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On TESTGEN+, an environment for protocal test generation and validation Zhou, Jingsong


This thesis addresses a significant tool, TESTGEN+, for protocol test generation and validation. TESTGEN+ consists of two basic components: TESTGEN for protocol test generation, and TESTVAL for test validation. TESTGEN, is a protocol TEST Generation and Selection Environment for conformance testing which has been developed at the University of British Columbia. This environment is menu driven and unique in that it is effective, general, flexible and portable. It is based on an intermediate extended transition system formalism and directly supports ASN.1 and Estelle. The test generation method adopted in the environment integrates both the control flow testing and the data flow testing with parameter variation. Furthermore, test generation and selection are integrated and guided by user-defined test suite generation constraints and parameter variation constraints. The environment will serve as a useful testbed for experimenting with test generation and selection as well as being a productive system for generating useful test suites for real-life protocols. TESTVAL is a test suite validator, which is based on a trace analyzer, and which allows testcases to be validated against their protocol specification. Using TESTVAL, the validation of the test suite for the LAPB protocol defined in the ISO 9646 standard document has been performed and the validation result is presented in the thesis.

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