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Program and job-stream characteristics in the michigan terminal system Bowler, Kenneth Haydn


There has been little published about the characteristics of computer jobs running on modern time-sharing computer systems, due largely to the lack of appropriate programs and equipment necessary to measure the parameters involved. In this thesis, measures are presented for some of the important characteristics of jobs. The Data Collection Facility, which is part of the Michigan Terminal System, was used to this end. The Michigan Terminal System is a time-sharing operating system for the IBM 360/67 computer, and supports batch and terminal users simultaneously. Chapter 1 gives an outline of the problem, and other work which has been done in this line. It also contains a reasonably detailed description of the Michigan Terminal System. In Chapter 2, measurements of requested CPU service, CPU service obtained, system and user response times, I/O delays, and page waiting times are given. Chapter 3 outlines the storage requirements of jobs, and gives a model which will generate profiles of storage required by jobs over their running times, which are very similar to profiles observed for actual jobs. Some discussion of the results is given in chapter 4, and also a simple model of the system is shown which might be used in a simulation study employing measurements taken in this study.

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