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An Estelle.Z parser for a protocol test generation environment TESTGEN+ Zhang, Rui


Protocol testing is an indispensable constituent in protocol development. The test suite generation and selection processes are usually tedious and time-consuming. It is difficult to manually generate and select test suites without errors. Therefore, an automatic protocol test suite generation and selection environment is required. For this purpose, the protocol test suite generation and selection environment, TESTGEN+ , was developed. TESTGEN+ includes the TESTGEN, TESTSEL and TESTVAL tools for test suite generation, selection, and validation, respectively. In this thesis, a new front end of the TESTGE N tool, an Estelle.Z parser which is for an Estelle-like protocol specification language, is designed and implemented. A real world protocol, home agent - a major component of the Mobile IP protocol, is specified in Estelle.Z. The specification is fed into the TESTGE N tool to yield a test suite, which is then fed into the TESTSE L tool to get a subset of an efficient test suite with user satisfactory coverage and cost. In order to evaluate the correctness of the parser, the same protocol is specified in Estelle.Y+ASN.l and fed through a different parser into TESTGEN and TESTSEL generating a test suite. Comparing the two test suites, results from the experiment indicate: a) the Estelle.Z parser works with the TESTGE N tool well; b) TESTGE N and TESTSE L are competent tools to generate and select test suites for protocol specifications; c) furthermore, there is room to improve the TESTGE N and the TESTSEL tools.

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