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Sound synthesis for virtual reality and computer games Doel, Cornelis Pieter van den


The synthesis of audio in real-time computer simulations is investigated. A physics based parameterized vibration model for physical objects is constructed, and a realtime synthesis algorithm is developed which allows the synthesis of the sound made by such objects under any kind of interaction force. Methods for obtaining the parameters of such models are investigated. We study mathematical models with simple geometries, parameter fitting to measured data, and empirical models. Models for interaction forces occurring during contacts between rigid bodies such as impact and sliding interactions are developed, as well as models for the driving forces for combustion engines and avalanches. Studies were conducted of several objects which were successfully modeled with these techniques. Several computer programs were written for the testing of models, for the construction of models, and for the demonstration of the level of realism that can be achieved with this type of synthesis. It is concluded that this type of synthesis can generate realistic, interactive audio using only a small fraction of available CPU power on modern personal computers.

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