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Boundary conditions for analysis of waterhammer in pipe systems Chaudhry, Mohammad Hanif


The transient flow in pipe networks is represented by a pair of quasi-linear hyperbolic partial differential equations. The method of characteristics is used to transform these equations to a set of ordinary differential equations, which are then solved, by a first order finite difference technique using suitable boundary conditions. The main purposes of these investigations are: 1) To derive suitable boundary conditions or boundary condition equations for valves, sprinklers, surge tanks and air chambers, and 2) To investigate the effect of these boundary conditions on the transient flow in pipe systems. Several numerical examples are solved on the digital computer using the method of characteristics. The results are compared with those obtained by the graphical method. Although in this thesis the developed boundary conditions are used to study the transient response of the irrigation pipe systems, the boundary conditions, without any modification, can be used to determine the transient conditions in water supply pipe networks or in pipes carrying other liquids.

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