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Lateral stability of continuous glulam beams Everest, Edwin Albert


This thesis presents the results of a theoretical and experimental study of the lateral buckling of straight beams of rectangular cross-section resting on columns, a type of structure commonly found in the roofing system of multi-bayed buildings. The structure is analyzed as a simply supported beam, uniformly loaded, restrained at one end against longitudinal torsion and resting near the other end on a flexible column which may provide various torsional and lateral restraints. Beyond the column is a cantilevered projection of various lengths and loads. The entire top edge of the beam is considered as fastened to a continuous decking which restrains it against horizontal displacement but permits free rotation about this edge. The method of solution of the theoretical lateral buckling load is by using a computer program to calculate the structure stiffness matrix's determinant at increasing load levels, and a plot of the determinant versus load level yields the critical load (at determinant equals zero). This theoretical approach is verified by model experiments in the laboratory. Design curves and equations are produced incorporating the usual flexural beam and axially loaded column strength concepts, with lateral buckling considerations. Recommended design code procedures are forwarded based on these curves which would permit more economical use of deep beams. Included in the thesis is the computer program listing used in the solution technique.

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