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Fluid-dynamic effects on the response of offshore towers to wave and earthquake forces Sen, Asoke Kumar


The evaluation of fluid forces on vibrating framed structures in a fluid environment is of current significance in view of the activity in ocean engineering. Accurate knowledge of the fluid forces under conditions of variable separated flow is lacking. In this study an attempt has been made to find a general method of evaluation of fluid forces on cylinders for variable flow, using published data from tests of constant velocity flow, uniformly accelerated flow and wave motion. The parameters that appear to govern the variable flow forces are discussed and models for relating force magnitudes to these parameters are suggested. The dynamic response of framed structures in an ocean environment has not been investigated except for linear sinusoidal wave motion in deep water conditions. The response of shallow water structures to various types of wave forces, as well as to earthquake excitation, has been analysed numerically here, taking into account the interaction between the structure and fluid motions. The effect of the mass and drag parameters on the structure response has been studied. Governing load cases for the design of framed structures have been related to structural period and water depth.

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