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Analysis procedures for caisson-retained island type structures Salgado, Francisco Manuel Goncalves Alves


This thesis is concerned with the analysis of large offshore gravity structures used for oil exploration and recovery in the Beaufort Sea. Because of the high ice loads and the water depths involved, these structures comprise a large steel box infilled with a sand core for stability. One such structure was subjected to severe ice loading in April 1986 causing portions of the sand core to liquefy and bring the structure to a near failure condition. This structure was heavily monitored and thus serves as a case study against which the proposed analysis procedure can be checked. The behaviour of these soil-structure systems is highly complex depending upon the characteristics of the soil, the structural elements and the soil-structure interface. In this thesis a three-dimensional Finite Element computer program with soil, interface and structural elements is developed. Emphasis is placed on the three-dimensional stress-strain constitutive law both in terms of its ability to model observed laboratory response as well as the determination of the constitutive law parameters from in situ testing. The results obtained in terms of displacement, acceleration and zones of liquefaction by the analysis were then compared with the field measurements obtained during the April 1986 ice load event. The good agreement obtained between predicted and observed response is a validation of the proposed procedure.

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