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Non-linear analysis for transversely post-tensioned timber bridge Cai, Shen


Timber bridges have been very important in North America due to an abundant resource of the material and the relatively unsophisticated requirement for equipment and skilled labour. The transversely post-tensioned laminating method can improve the loading distribution capacity of the timber bridge structure and elongate the bridge service life. To develop a method for its analysis it is necessary to consider the non-linear behaviour of between-beams friction in the bridge structure. A method and corresponding computer program (PTB) has been developed for the non-linear analysis for the transversely post-tensioned timber bridge. The finite strip element method is used in the analysis. Wheel loadings are idealized as patches with static uniformly distributed loadings. The beam to beam friction parameters were obtained from tests. The relative movements between beams, in three-directions, stresses and deformations of the structure are obtained by the PTB program. As an application, abridge with post-tensioned T-beams made of Parallam is considered.

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