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A new, non-linear analysis of layered soil-pile-superstructure seismic response Khan, Anuz K.


A non-linear finite element analysis for determining the seismic response of piles in multilayered soil deposit is presented. The analysis incorporates pile material and geometric non-linearities, P-A effects, non-linear load deformation behavior of soil-pile interaction, pile separation and the non-linear shear stress-strain relationship in the freefield soil. The soil shear stress-strain relation is expressed based on Hardin and Drenvich's model. The pile material stress-strain relation is based on a elastic-plastic model. Near field soil is replaced with a continuous foundation based on Yan-Byrne or American Petroleum Institute P-y curves. Time integration is performed utilizing Newmark-P integration scheme. Numerical integration of the virtual work equations has been carried out with Gauss quadrature. The resulting set of non-linear equations is solved by using the Newton-Raphson scheme. The method of analysis are incorporated in two programs : QUIVER and PILEUBC. The program QUIVER captures the seismic response of soil deposit and later is used as a module in the main program PILEUBC, in which the response of a single pile is predicted for an earthquake excitation. The program predicts time varying acceleration, velocity, displacement, bending/axial stress and strain, bending moment and shear force in the pile. The program is able to successfully simulate the seismic response of piles. Numerical investigations have been carried out to verify the results and test the capabilities of the program. A linearized closed form solution based on Laplace transformation for free-field is developed for comparison with the finite element analysis.

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