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Development of an innovative earthquake-resilient reinforced concrete core wall system Tobber, Lisa


This thesis introduces an earthquake-resilient reinforced concrete core wall system, named the controlled rocking outrigger core wall (CROCW). In the CROCW system, along one principal axis is a controlled outriggered rocking wall (CORW), where an outrigger is situated at the roof and the base is designed to rock. Dampers are incorporated within the outrigger and the rocking base to give CORW added energy dissipation. Along the other principal axis is the self-centering coupled wall (SCCW). In the SCCW system, self-centering friction dampers are incorporated within the coupling beams to dissipate the earthquake energy and ensure the wall will self center. In addition, the base is design to rock, to ensure a low damage response. The CROCW, CORW and SCCW were designed using the novel equivalent energy design procedure (EEDP). New factors were developed to modify the original EEDP to account for the dynamic responses and the different hysteretic shapes for the new systems. Using the newly developed design procedure, four prototype buildings (two different building heights and two different building sites) were designed. The uniform hazard spectra at three hazard levels were developed using probabilistic seismic hazard analysis. Detailed nonlinear models were developed and validated using available experimental data. Nonlinear time history analysis showed the CROCW, CORW, and SCCW can meet the design objectives, where the systems have limited damage after strong earthquake shaking. Additional studies were conducted to compare the performance of the newly proposed CROCW with conventional RC core wall system. The result shows that the CROCW has superior performance compare with conventional RC core walls. The newly developed CROCW system will be tested using a shake table to validate the behaviour. Shake table testing will take place at the multi-function shake table array facility in Shanghai China. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the experimental test has been temporarily delayed. This thesis presents the specimen design, construction, planned instrumentation, and the testing plan to be implemented at a later date.

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