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Decomposition of carbonates in capture of carbon dioxide from ambient air Campbell, James Stephen


Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a technology for absorbing and concentrating CO₂ from air for geological sequestration or utilization. Capture is possible using alkali hydroxide solutions, forming alkali carbonates, with regeneration using lime or hematite. The CO₂-release step in each regeneration process requires high temperature, leading to high cost. A better understanding of the kinetics could reduce temperatures and facilitate integration with sustainable energy. In lime regeneration of KOH(aq), CaCO₃(s) decomposes forming CaO(s) and CO₂(g) (+178 kJ.mol⁻¹). In this thesis it was found that all CO₂ was released by 780°C during thermogravimetric analysis (N₂(g) flow rate of 60 ml.min⁻¹, heating rate of 20 °C.min⁻¹, particle size

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