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Identifying the key innovative and collaborative strategies of integrated project delivery method to achieve owner goals in housing projects Chudasma, Divyarajsinh


The fragmented nature of tradition project delivery in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry causes many inefficiencies and results in missed project goals and expectations. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is new procurement method that has a potential to address these inefficiencies by overcoming traditional fragmentation and fostering collaboration through new contractual arrangements. As IPD is an emerging construction delivery method that is highly driven by the owner’s initiative, vision, and continuous involvement, there are very few IPD projects that focus on large-scale residential or multi-unit housing projects. This led to a finding that IPD implementation is not very common in housing projects and related case-studies are not widely available in Canada. In addition, there is a lack of information about key characteristics of IPD that facilitates success of the project. The focus of this research is to address a current research gap by developing and analyzing housing project case studies that implemented IPD principles or adopted formal IPD approaches. The overall objective of the research is to assess the implementation of key IPD principles on the housing projects and to identify the key innovative and collaborative strategies of IPD through case study analysis. To analyze IPD/IPD-like projects and to develop detailed case studies, a case study framework was developed for this study. The thesis documents four IPD/IPD-like Canadian housing projects, namely priMED Mosaic Centre, St. Jerome’s University Student Residence and Academic Centre, UBC Brock Commons, and Jacobson Hall at Trinity Western University. The case study for each project has been documented using the developed framework. The project case studies document project context, organizational setup, processes, technology implemented, and project outcomes in detailed. This research summarizes key features and lesson learned from the four case studies through cross-project analysis. The identified IPD-like innovative and collaborative strategies in this research can be considered for implementation in future housing projects to obtain better outcomes.

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