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Green infrastructure in the City of Vancouver : performance monitoring of stormwater tree trenches and bioswales Vega, Osvaldo Miguel


Green infrastructure (GI) is an approach that aims to reduce the amount of stormwater that reaches the combined or stormwater sewer networks and protect receiving waterbodies in urban watersheds. Cities across North America and the world are devoting resources to implement different types of GI to showcase their use. As it is a new approach, the field of GI research is emerging. The main objective of this thesis is to contribute to the GI literature by assessing the water quantity and water quality performances of three green infrastructure practices constructed in 2018 by the City of Vancouver. A stormwater tree trench and two bioswales were monitored. The soil moisture levels in the structural soil stormwater tree trench and one of the bioswales were monitored to assess the drought resistance of these practices and to evaluate the salt migration. This research introduced low cost monitoring options that can simplify the monitoring of stormwater tree trenches and bioswale practices. This research concluded that structural soil stormwater tree trenches and bioswale practices are effective in treating heavy metals, suspended solids, and other pollutants harmful street pollutants. These practices are also effective tools in removing stormwater from the stormwater/sewer networks by promoting infiltration to native soils.

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