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Investigating practices and challenges in microservice-based development Wang, Yingying


Microservice-based architecture is a principle inspired by service-oriented approaches for building complex systems as a composition of small, loosely coupled components that communicate with each other using language-agnostic APIs. This architectural principle is now becoming increasingly popular in industry due to its advantages, such as greater software development agility and improved scalability of deployed applications. In this thesis, we report on a broad interview study we conducted, which involved practitioners developing microservice-based applications for commercial use for at least two years. By deliberately excluding “newcomers” and focusing the study on “mature” teams, our goal was to collect best practices, lessons learned, and technical challenges practitioners face. Our study helps inform researchers of challenges in developing microservice-based applications, which can inspire novel software engineering methods and techniques. The study also benefits practitioners who are interested to learn from each other, to borrow successful ideas, and to avoid common mistakes.

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