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Entendre avec les yeux : étude sur la bande dessinée Navarro, Liza Alexandra


Research on comics has steadily increased in the last decade. However, one key element of comics has not been fully explored: sound. This research begins by investigating the evolution of sound in comics by understanding the important contributions of several comic artists such as William Hogarth, who emphasized the use of sequential art, and Rodolphe Töpffer, who added narration. This research then focuses on two well-known francophone comic series, Tintin by Hergé and Astérix by Goscinny and Uderzo. It addresses the question of how dialogue and onomatopoeias are shaped by textual elements such as speech bubbles, typography and text size. In Tintin and Astérix, sound is present in almost every page and is found to play an important role in each story. Although both series display a range of sounds, Astérix surpasses Tintin in two ways: the typography used in speech bubbles and the use and large variety of onomatopoeias. By exploring sound in comics in its various forms, this research brings new insight into the way readers interpret meaning through visual cues.

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