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Enhancing interfaces for scholarly peer review Cormier, Derek M.


The academic peer review process is the primary means by which papers become a part of established science. For such an important process, the technology we use today to conduct peer review only partially supports the reviewing process and has stagnated behind advances in collaborative document work. In this thesis, we present an overview of the current state of Peer Review Management Software (PRMS) and outline areas where better user support is needed. We then present our broad vision for interactive, web-based manuscript reviewing tools that can be integrated into existing PRMS. Through a controlled study, we demonstrate that providing reviewers with a simple annotation interface is sufficient for identifying 80% of all low-level writing errors in a manuscript before the manuscript makes it through to publication, without proofreading and with minimal additional effort on the part of reviewers. Finally, we present prototypical and conceptual designs for a single-reviewer web interface to address the current lack of manuscript reviewing support by improving the user experience for and efficiency of reviewers.

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