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Stability analysis and stabilization of unstructured finite volume method Chen, Liang


In this thesis, we develop a stability analysis model for the unstructured finite volume method. This model employs the matrix method to implement stability analysis. For the full discretization, where the temporal discretization employs backward Euler time-stepping, a linearization is used to construct the model. Both for the full discretization and semi-discretization, the stability condition is expressed in terms of eigenvalues. The validity of the stability analysis model is verified for linear cases and nonlinear cases. The analysis in this thesis also explains the phenomena that the defined energy can locally increase in the energy stability analysis method. This model can be applied to both linear problems and nonlinear problems; in this thesis, we focus on the 2D Euler equations. We also develop a stabilization methodology. This methodology is aimed at optimizing the eigenvalues of the Jacobian matrix by changing the coordinates of interior vertices of a mesh. Specifically, for an unstable spatial discretization, we can shift the unstable eigenvalues into stability region by changing the mesh. The stabilization methodology is verified by numerical cases as well. The success of this stabilization relies on a developed method to change the eigenvalues of a matrix in a quantitative and controllable way. This method is a general approach to optimize the eigenvalues of a matrix, which means it can be applied to other systems as well.

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