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Completing the norm life cycle : the post-treaty involvement of NGOs in the Mine Ban Treaty and Chemical Weapons Convention Sandhu, Erica


The purpose of this study is to examine the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the post-treaty stage, specifically, how these organizations contribute to the development of a norm. This paper challenges previous literature which has contended that the role of NGOs is limited to the earliest stages of norm development. It focuses on two case studies. First, the Mine Ban Treaty and International Coalition to Ban Landmines show that NGOs not only act as norm entrepreneurs but expand their role in the post-treaty stage, furthering the norm cascade and contributing to norm internalization. Second, the Chemical Weapons Convention and Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition show that NGOs may be absent during the emergence of a norm, yet can form late into the post-treaty stage and still play a role in contributing to the later stages of a norm’s development. Throughout, this paper highlights the importance of NGOs in international agreements.

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