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Applications of inverse problems in fluids and imaging Gregson, James


Three applications of inverse problems relating to fluid imaging and image deblurring are presented. The first two, tomographic reconstruction of dye concentration fields from multi-view video and deblurring of photographs, are addressed by a stochastic optimization scheme that allows a wide variety of priors to be incorporated into the reconstruction process within a straightforward framework. The third, estimation of fluid velocities from volumetric dye concentration fields, highlights a previously unexplored connection between fluid simulation and proximal algorithms from convex optimization. This connection allows several classical imaging inverse problems to be investigated in the context of fluids, including optical flow, denoising and deconvolution. The connection also allows inverse problems to be incorporated into fluid simulation for the purposes of physically-based regularization of optical flow and for stylistic modifications of fluid captures. Through both methods and all three applications the importance of incorporating domain-specific priors into inverse problems for fluids and imaging is highlighted.

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