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Fast post processing algorithms for fault tolerant quantum computation using surface codes Zaribafiyan, Arman


Local architecture of qubits in two dimensional lattices is known as one of the candidates to run fault tolerant quantum computation with high threshold. Topological quantum error correcting codes, such as surface codes, are used to make this architecture robust against various quantum error models. In this research we present a fast, concise, operationally inexpensive and highly parallelizable decoding algorithm for surface codes without using concatenation which has a threshold range of 8.6 % to 10.5 % varying based on a parameter called OMSS. Thanks to parallelization of the proposed algorithm, the time complexity scales logarithmically in the lattice size for small OMSS. This can be compared to the work of \citep{Poulin-2010,Poulin-2010-IEEE} which has a threshold of 8 % for the bit-flip error channel within the same complexity order.

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