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Non-abelian D5 brane dynamics Chaurette, Laurent


The goal of this thesis is to analyse the non-abelian dual model to the defect probe D7-brane embedding in AdS₅ × S⁵[1]. The D7-brane picture can be thought of as a large number (N₅) of D5-branes growing a transverse fuzzy two-sphere, called BIon. This non-abelian solution improves our knowledge of the system by incorporating deviations in 1/N_{5}^{2} in the number of flavors. Such corrections are important from the point of view of the AdS/CFT correspondence as the CFT dual to the probe system is a candidate model for graphene, which possesses an emergent SU(4) symmetry. The main result of this work is the conductivity for the non-abelian D5 sytem. We fi nd that quantum Hall states have a non-integer transverse conductivity that depends on the number of flavor branes in the model. This deviation scales in 1/N_{5}^{2} in the number of flavor branes and vanishes in the large N₅ limit.

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