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Variation of the canonical height in a family of rational maps Mavraki, Niki Myrto


Let d ≥2 be an integer, let c ∈ ℚ(t) be a rational map, and let f_t(z) = (z^d+t)/z be a family of rational maps indexed by t. For each t = λ algebraic number, we let ĥ_(f_λ)(c(λ)) be the canonical height of c(λ) with respect to the rational map f_λ; also we let ĥ_f(c) be the canonical height of c on the generic fiber of the above family of rational maps. We prove that there exists a constant C depending only on c such that for each algebraic number λ, |ĥ_(f_λ)(c(λ))-ĥ_f(c)h(λ)| ≤C. [Formula missing] This improves a result of Call and Silverman for this family of rational maps.

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