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State-building in Afghanistan : a gendered human security perspective Black, Christina Leanne


With the transition to Afghan national control underway in Afghanistan, questions of legitimacy and security continue to surround the last decade of international military involvement in the country. The initial bombing campaign and subsequent military operations following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 proclaimed the goal of providing humanitarian relief to Afghans as one of the primary motives behind military action. In order to achieve the stated objectives in Afghanistan, the cooperating states implemented a 'comprehensive approach' to state-building, whereby the military intervention was combined with diplomatic and development initiatives. This project critically examines the progressive Canadian involvement and international state-building techniques currently employed in Afghanistan. In conjunction with a historically contextualized consideration of the issues facing Afghans, the 'comprehensive approach' is critiqued through a feminist international relations (IR) lens regarding the humanitarian concerns and overarching legacy of the Afghan conflict.

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