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An active method for implementing the unintentional islanding test in distributed generation systems AlSharidah, Michel E.


A development of an island stabilizing element (ISE) for use in the IEEE 1547 unintentional islanding test is introduced. The new test setup for non- islanding inverters interconnected with the grid is proposed. The current testing standard uses discrete RLC elements to simulate the test-island. Even though the RLC simulated test-island is useful for its reproducibility, relative scalability and short setup time, as inverter power ratings increase so does the size and cost of the RLC simulated island. The proposed island stabilizing element can represent the function of the resonant part of the test island as well as provide compensation for dynamic changes in power during the test for producing near worst case conditions for an islanding test. This work introduces improvements to the unintentional islanding test. The island stabilizing element is designed and developed. Test cases proved the efficient application of the ISE as means to replace the LC elements in the unintentional islanding test.

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