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Simultaneous measurement of full-field vibration modes using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) Georgas, Peter


The natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes of flat plates are measured using ESPI, even when multiple modes are simultaneously present. The method involves measuring the surface shape of a vibrating plate at high frame rate using a Michelson interferometer and high-speed camera. The vibration is either excited by white (random) noise or by impact. Fourier analysis of the acquired data gives the natural frequencies and associated mode shapes. The analytical procedure used has the advantage that it simultaneously identifies all vibration modes with frequencies up to half the sampling frequency. In comparison, the ESPI Time-Averaged method and the traditional Chladni method both require that the plate be sinusoidally excited at each natural frequency to allow separate measurements of the associated mode shapes. Example measurements are presented to illustrate the use and capabilities of the proposed plate natural frequency and mode shape measurement method.

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