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Fusion algebras and cohomology of toroidal orbifolds Duman, Ali Nabi


In this thesis we exhibit an explicit non-trivial example of the twisted fusion algebra for a particular finite group. The product is defined for the third power of modulo two group via the pairing of projective representations where the three cocycles are chosen using the inverse transgression map. We find the rank of the fusion algebra as well as the relation between its basis elements. We also give some applications to topological gauge theories. We next show that the twisted fusion algebra of the third power of modulo p group is isomorphic to the non-twisted fusion algebra of the extraspecial p-group of order p³ and exponent p. The final point of my thesis is to explicitly compute the cohomology groups of toroidal orbifolds which are the quotient spaces obtained by the action of modulo p group on the k-dimensional torus. We compute the particular case where the action is induced by the n-th power of augmentation ideal.

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