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Strongly-interacting Fermi gases with population imbalance Ku, Mark


This thesis presents a theoretical study of strongly-interacting Fermi systems with population imbalance, which is motivated by some differences in cold atoms experiments. We calculate the energy of a single fermion interacting resonantly with a Fermi sea of different species fermions in anisotropic traps, and show that finite particle numbers and the trap geometry impact the phase structure and the critical polarization, the limit of resonance superfluidity in traps. Our findings contribute to understanding some experimental discrepancies as finite-size and confinement effects. For an imbalanced gas in the uniform system, we calculate the energy of adding an impurity, and construct the equation of state of the partially-polarized normal Fermi liquid. Finally, we study the properties of a spin-down polaron in a trapped gas containing arbitrary numbers of spin-up and spin-down fermions, and derive a self-consistent equation for the polaron energy.

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